Trish Zennie

I began studying yoga 30 years ago at a park in Hawaii. My teacher was and older gentlemen from India who fortunately for me, happened to be a master of the art.  Since then, my yoga journey has been one crazy ride. It has tested me in every way including all of my relationships, the most profound being that of my own body and spirit. It was only after a great personal loss, one that would literally drop me to my knees in pain and shock that my yoga truly shifted and evolved. Out of loss and death came a deep and profound wisdom that would become my next teacher on the path towards self discovery and eventually, healing. Yoga was the vehicle through which I was able to reclaim my well being. This included letting go of labels and beliefs which no longer served my highest good.

Why would you want to attend my class?
Yoga is one of my greatest loves, and I find great joy in sharing this love.
 I come from the perspective of a body worker, recognizing imbalance and helping you moving towards harmony. Let me help you discover the magic and innate wisdom that is within you. Through Asana you will have the opportunity to heal the body. Pranayama is the gateway towards embodiment. Meditation is Mana for the soul. In my teaching sessions I bring in these aspects along with other traditions that I have studied during my lifetime. As your teacher, it would be my privilege to help you navigate this part of your journey.

Trainings and Certifications
 - Yoga RYS 500Hrs
 -  Thai Yoga Therapy 750 Hrs
 -  Massage Therapy 2,500 Hrs
 -  Esthetician 500 Hrs
 -  Bowen Trauma Therapy 150Hr
 -  Mayan Abdominal Massage Teacher
-  Tai Chi/ Qi Gong with Master Deng Ming Dao 5 years
-  Massage therapist 25 years

Amy Gulzow

Amy has been a body worker, Doula and yogi for over 15 years.  She has studied many energy techniques, forms of movement and dance and intertwines these modalities in her work.  Embracing the body as a whole she explores all it’s systems with her body work and her yoga.  She enjoys teaching how to move using different parts of the body as power, some days she teaches moving from the bones and other days moving from the muscles.  Exploring ways to be embodied in your own body is a unique journey you will embark upon in Amy's yoga classes. Finding your center and moving forward from your powerful source energy.    Amy believes that healing comes from your own connection to body and soul.  She uses guided meditations that encourage your heart to open; to love, especially self love and therefore setting the seed for self healing.  Amy received her 200 hour yoga teacher training in Tulum, Mexico with Adrienne Hutton.  Amy welcomes all levels of yogi’s to class and looks forward to seeing you on the mat.

Amelia Zahm

Amy's classes combine focused alignment with breath and movement to create a meditative practice grounded in the joyful nature of embodiment. She comes to the mat with a deep love of the body, a commitment to the well being of her students, and a sense of humor. Amy discovered yoga nearly twenty years ago when she wandered into High Desert Yoga in Albuquerque, hoping for some relief from the stress of her Chinese medicine schooling. She was fortunate enough to meet her first teacher, Kim Schwarz, who inspired her love of and dedication to the practice of yoga. She completed her first 200 hour teacher training with Kim through the Temple of Kriya yoga and began teaching in 2005. She recently completed a second 200 hour training in Jaya Yoga with Stephanie Adams and Adi Vajra, where she continued her study of a sustainable, pre-habilitative and re-habilitave approach to asana and a deeper understanding of the nature of consciousness. In addition to teaching yoga, Amy is a dedicated student of somatic meditation of Reggie Ray and a member of the Dharma Ocean community. She is also a Practitioner of Chinese Medicine.

Ondreya Nielsen:

I began practicing yoga 7 years ago in Brooklyn, New York, working as a flight attendant. I immediately fell in love with yoga, experiencing the many benefits of my practice, mentally and physically. I was able to let go of unwanted anxiety and connect with my higher self. 

I trained through Pure Yoga in the Hood River area and received my 200 HR yoga teacher training certificate with an emphasis on Vinyasa (flow style). 

When I’m not teaching, I am care-taking for the elderly, hiking, paddle boarding, gardening, playing music, and spending time with my pup Ellie. 

Tai Jaques

I am a student of bodywork, herbal medicine, nutrition and yoga.  My yoga journey has been one of self discovery and love.  I recently graduated from Adrienne Hutton’s yoga teacher training and have enjoyed incorporating it into my bodywork practice and life.  I hope to hold a safe space for folks of this county to come and connect with themselves, this practice and each other.  My practice blends yoga, bodywork, sound therapy and plant medicine together in a beautiful dance.  I  believe that the body is innately designed to heal and I have so much gratitude towards my students and clients for allowing me to help them facilitate that healing.  I am honored to be apart of this experience and look forward to connecting with you on the mat and helping you find yoga in every day life.   

Lauren MacDonald

Lauren MacDonald is an herbalist and has a practice called Ripple Medicine. She hopes to help the community she works with to cultivate a connection with plant medicine.  For more information visit her website at

Kathryn Kemp

Kathryn Kemp is a counselor, yogi, and cat lover who is passionate about helping teen girls embrace their bodies to expand their minds. Kathryn grew up in Joseph and left to study psychology and social work until the Wallowa mountains called her home! She studied and taught yoga in Brooklyn, New York, and has utilized yoga in her mental health practice with kids and teens for the past 4 years. She also loves incorporating writing, art, and music into the yoga space to help students tap into their heart space. I would be honored to join you/your daughter on this journey of discovery!

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